A luxury build or renovation

A stone staircase looks magnificent and exclusive and is above all unique. Before the stone is quarried, natural forces have been at work. Temperature and climate constantly change the material, so no two pieces of natural stone are ever the same, making every stone staircase different. Stone combines perfectly with glass, wood or stainless steel.


Natural stone offers you many benefits compared to other materials options, like concrete, brick pavers or regular concrete, can’t offer you. Natural stone is durable and strong. It will resist the weathering effects of wind, sun, and rain, and you won’t be able to crack the stone or chip it. You can be sure that your natural stone steps will have a long life, so you shouldn’t expect to have to reinstall a new set of steps again, unless you want to change up your decor.


Another advantage of natural stone staircases over its competitors is its beauty. If you want a material that captures the beauty and disorder of nature, you will want to go with stone.
Finally, stone can be cut and shaped into whatever forms you need it. Thus, you will be able to build your steps according to your own specifications. If you do like regularity, of course, you can by stone pavers that work much like their brick and concrete brethren. However, if you want a more free form and natural looking staircase, as if it were already there in the natural world, you can also go with irregular block and slabs of stone.

The main variable when it comes to designing a natural stone step, besides the dimensions such as: length, width, curves, size of step, thickness, etc. is the regularity of the project. This largely depends on the kind of stone you buy. If you buy stone that is regularly cut, almost slab or paver-like, you’ll get a regular looking set of steps. However, if you buy irregularly shaped stone, stone that seems to have been ripped straight from the ground with little treatment, you’ll have an irregularly laid step project.
You need to know that besides the different kinds of stone out there, you can also get different kinds of stone colors and textures, even within the same group of stones. This is why it is important to shop around and see sample products in person. Pictures can lie sometimes, despite best efforts, so it is always good to preview the stone in person to get a better idea of its properties.

Whether you are remodelling your house, office or shop, natural stone will add elegance and style to your interior. You can choose the material of steps and railings as well as rough or smooth finish so that the end result matches your existing decor – outside and inside.