Fireplaces BIG

An ideal addition to every beautiful interior. Its aesthetic appeal is incomparable with any other decorative solution creating at the same time warm, safe and truly amazing atmosphere in the room. It is no surprise that homes with stone fireplaces are considered luxurious and have higher value on the market.

With a variety of design options, decorative elements and patterns everyone can choose the style, which perfectly fits their home. Stunning granite with custom finish adds a bit of classy atmosphere and supplements the interior in the most brilliant way. Natural colours, smooth textures, and uniqueness of every granite or marble element combined with their amazing durability cannot be guaranteed by any other material.


Natural stone is characterised by extreme durability and resistance to damage, which is essential in such constructions as fireplace, where high temperature constantly affects the material. Granite, for instance, is formed in the conditions of enormous heat, thus making it perfect for safe and at the same time elegant fireplace.


No two elements made of natural stone are identical – each of them has its unique patterns and shades, which cannot be reproduced by artificial materials. As a result, it provides great possibilities in terms of design and style, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to every interior. Granite has also proven to be extremely stain and scratch resistant, therefore you do not have to worry about any damage or aesthetic losses during years of its use.


For a stone fireplace to remain beautiful for years to come, very little maintenance is required. Simple wash with warm water or mild cleaning solutions, as well as daily wipe with dry cloth is more than enough. Additionally, it is advised to use sealer once a year to retain its elegance.


Natural stone has another unique advantage – it absorbs the heat from the environment (e.g. the sun) and radiates it, keeping you warm for a longer period of time. This feature virtually cannot be achieved by artificial materials.

Extraordinary charm, homely warmth and breathtaking elegance usually make the room with a fireplace the most popular amongst guests and family members. It is a space of endless discussions, bonding and full relaxation surrounded by the most important people in our lives. No other place or addition has such magic power and style as an elegant stone fireplace.

To make the best choice from a range of sizes, colours, forms, textures as well as finishes of the available foundations, trust the opinion and expertise of specialists in the area. We will advise you on the optimum solution, which will harmoniously combine with your interior design and will last for decades.

Find your style, select natural stone fireplaces and enjoy their advantages for years to come!