Transform your bathroom into an area of luxury

Stone has been a popular material for decorating for centuries. Most commonly used in kitchens and floor tiles, its natural look and warmth help make your home feel even more welcoming. As we love stone so much, we have begun to use it in more areas, and so bathrooms are now also finished with stone surfaces. While this certainly isn’t without it’s merits, there are a couple important factors to keep in mind before deciding that a stone bathroom is for you. The biggest advantage stone undoubtedly has over synthetic materials are the looks. Though there are various types of stone, they offer a wide variety of colours and textures, with some very striking patterns that really help give your home a raw, natural feel. It also helps with adjusting the temperature – bathtubs made of stone hold the warmth the longest, which is ideal for people who like to soak for extended periods of time. The material is also very pleasant to the touch, as it is a very natural formation. On top of that, stone is very easy to clean, as most common types are resistant to stains and scratches, meaning that there is no need to use a lot of cleaning products to make them look nice.

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Unfortunately, that last advantage is connected to a downside. When treated with traditional cleaning products, softer stones like marble may become rough and lose their beautiful appearance. Furthermore, unlike most artificial materials like ceramics and acrylics, stone is not naturally resistant to mould. The does not mean they cannot be used in a bathroom, however, but they require a regular application of sealant to make sure no water finds its way deeper into the stone, discolouring it or worse, helping fungus grow. It is also important to keep in mind that stone is very heave – granite and quartz especially – so the lower layer of the floor must be able to withstand the weight. Lastly, since stone is so heavy, it needs to be handled by professionals, as trying to install it on your own carries a large risk of injury. In the end, the decision of whether to use stone in your bathroom is up to you. If you are ready to restore its water resistance once in a while and keep in mind not to treat it with chemicals, a stone bathroom can look stunning, feel like home, and last you a lifetime.