About us

Who we are
Fiorito is a London-based company with an entire decade of experience. We believe that natural stone is the most beautiful material that can be used for your homes interior and exterior. We work with marble, quartz, granite, as well as other materials, and take great pride in our work, as stone materials are our passion.
Our company uses high-quality natural stones to produce kitchen worktops, floor tiling, fireplaces and bathrooms. The process is difficult and time-consuming, as stone is a resource that is formidable to work with. Nevertheless, we give it our all and take our time in processing these wonders of nature, all the while respecting them as the works of art that they are. We use state-of-the-art tools to process the stones and tailor them to suit your needs, no matter how demanding and specific they may be.
As our customer, you can count on us to pay attention to your demands. We will take your wishes into account at every stage of the process – from design, through the installation, and the after-sale procedures. We have complete awareness of the fact that each of the projects we undertake will require different approaches and we are ready to shift them accordingly. We also respect the fact that no two stones are alike and that each must be treated as a separate cases with different needs. Will gladly share our knowledge about stones with you, so that you too can fully appreciate the elegance of the articles we provide you with for years to come.
The years of experience that we have accumulated while providing our services in London as well as other parts of the UK have helped us achieve a level of professionalism that allows us to offer much more than just finished natural stone elements. Our dedicated team offers solutions that are carefully tailored to the needs of every customer.