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We want to tell you everything we know about stone. Challenge us with questions and fall in love with it.


Every transformation needs a unique design. Transformation of stone requires exceptional skill and attention. Our experts with over 25 years of experience with fabricating stone know how to showcase its natural beauty and unleash its elegance.

Kitchen Worktops

Accent your kitchen’s tasteful design, create a captivating focal point in your home, provide a durable, modern family space – the role of stone is what you want it to be. With care and respect, we will morph a slab into the kitchen feature of your choice.

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Emphasise your bathroom’s atmosphere with a warming limestone or a classic marble. Indulge in stone and create a home spa, a sanctuary to energise and revitalise in the morning and provide tranquillity and serenity after a busy day.

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Create your staircase in class, elegance and enduring beauty. Build it in stone and manifest its natural grandeur in your home. Let us demonstrate how to adopt stone’s tenacity and stress its splendour in few smooth steps.

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About Fiorito

Our approach is modern, professional and full of respect towards stone’s natural beauty. We are devoted to extracting its greatness, excited to discover the unique veining of each new block, and patient in moulding it into a cutting age piece of art. Invite the stunning results of our craftsmanship into your space and fall in love with stone.

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Our business thrives on the quality of service we provide. Our mastery has been confirmed by many.